Marine Engine Surveys

Engine Surveys as part of the Condition or Pre-purchase Survey

Included in the pre-purchase survey is an appraisal of the machinery installation.  The engine and generator installations are inspected visually, and (where possible if presented in commission) the engine is run up to assess its general characteristics.  Below is outlined how this is approached:

Visual inspection of the following systems:

  • Instrumentations & controls
  • Electrical system
  • Coolant system
  • Raw water system
  • Fuel system
  • Exhaust & intake systems
  • Lubrication
  • Components & installation

Throughout these systems visual & tactile appraisal is made with regard to:

  • Operation
  • Correct fitment
  • Appropriate parts
  • Evidence of corrosion & fatigue cracking
  • Evidence of leaks of fluid & gases
  • Safety measures
  • Cleanliness

Realising the importance and value of the vessel’s machinery we offer additional services to the standard survey by means of sea trials, oil analysis and a full mechanical inspection.

Sea trials
These provide further value to our inspection, providing the ability to monitor the following, throughout different rpm ranges:

  • Machinery starting & shutdown procedures
  • Oil pressure & temperature
  • Exhaust smoke colour & density
  • Vibration & noises
  • Raw water flow
  • Charging

Oil Analysis

We can provide an analysis of the engine oil which will give a snapshot of any crossover of contaminants, such as water, coolant or fuel.  It will provide evidence and an opinion to the condition of the lubricated wear components of the machinery and ensures the correct oil is being used. 

This is a relatively low cost service which, if carried out annually or at service intervals, helps create a continual picture of the engine which further assists in scheduling, budgeting and preventative maintenance.  The engine oil will need to have been used for at least 40hrs for the analysis to be effective.

Mechanical Inspection

If we have any concerns about the machinery or stern gear we will recommend a mechanical inspection to be carried out by a suitably qualified marine engineer.  We can also arrange this for you for, usually, less than £150.

For further details and a personal quote please phone or email.

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