Pre-purchase or Full Condition Survey

This is the most comprehensive type of survey and encompasses all aspects of the yacht subject to standard limitations of the survey. We will carry out a detailed inspection of the boat, consider our findings and present you with a survey report which explains the condition of the vessel, highlighting any faults, how they can be resolved and a timescale on which they should be addressed. If you are considering buying a boat the results of the survey may alter her perceived value and therefore the survey report will be an important part of the purchase negotiations.

The survey report will include the following headings as appropriate to the type of vessel and its level of equipment.

  • Hull, Deck and Superstructure
  • Steering Arrangements and Rudder(s)
  • Ballast keel and Fastenings
  • Ground tackle
  • Cathodic protection
  • Windows, Portlights, Hatches and Companionway
  • Handrails, stanchions and guardwires
  • Ventilation
  • Seacocks and plumbing
  • Lifesaving equipment and appliances
  • Mast, spars and rigging (standing and running)
  • Sails
  • Engine, generator and machinery installations. engine survey detail...
  • Electrical systems and electronic instrumentation
  • Gas installation and stove
  • Fuel instalations
  • Freshwater installations and tankage
  • Bilge pump arrangements
  • Toilet Installation, hoses and holding tanks
  • Mooring arrangements, access and davit

For further details and a personal quote please phone or email.

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Sailing yacht side deck