Destroyed batteries, fault with the charging system.

About the survey report

Most surveys generally take about a day, after which I will contact you either by phone or email to briefly discuss and summarise the condition of the yacht.  The next stage is to prepare the detailed survey report.

My reports are fully indexed and technical terms are always clearly explained.  Photographs of problems or defects with the yacht are included in the report to add further clarity. 

The report will explain the construction and condition of the yacht, including its systems and will highlight defects or areas for improvement.  Opinion is given on the cause of the problem, what the resultant effect will be and how it should be resolved, including a recommended timescale.  I use priority codes to grade the recommendations and these range from P1 – requiring immediate attention before the yacht is next used to P4 – cosmetic improvements and winter maintenance.

The report is prepared within four days of the inspection and a copy will be sent to you at the first opportunity via email, in a PDF format, with a bound copy sent by first class post to follow.

If after reading the survey report you have any questions or would like to discuss the vessel further I am always happy to help.

For further details and a personal quote please phone or email.

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