Bavaria yacht survey carried out out Mylor

Pre-purchase or Full Condition Survey

This is the most comprehensive type of survey and encompasses all aspects of the yacht subject to standard limitations.We will carry out a detailed inspection of the boat, consider our findings and present you with a report which explains the condition of the vessel, highlighting any faults, how they can be resolved and a timescale on which they should be addressed. full condition survey continued...

Pitch Pine on Oak Hull Survey

Insurance Surveys

We will carry out this type of survey to fulfill the requirements of your insurer. If you have been asked to provide an Insurance Survey we will issue you with a comprehensive report based on the structural integrity and condition of the hull & deck and the general safety of the vessel.  Normally a valuation based on the current market will also be required. Your insurer may have identified specific areas of the vessel to be assessed such as an area of previous repair or the keel structure and these will obviously be included in the survey.

Mast & Rigging Surveys

Marine Damage Surveys

This type of survey is normally instructed by your insurer.  Our role is to verify and report on the cause of the damage, the extent of the damage including recommending the most effective method of repair.  We can review the repair estimates, discuss them with you and the repairer ensuring they are practical and reasonable.  We will offer you advice and have knowledge of local repair facilities which will assist you.Our aim is to return the vessel to its pre accident condition with a solution of best value and satisfaction for you and your insurer.

Modern Performance Cruiser Surveys

Hull Surveys / Partial Surveys

Hull surveys are of a reduced scope compared with full condition surveys and insurance surveys.  The survey is specific to the condition of the hull & deck structures, internal strengthening, through hull fittings above and below the waterline, including the openings on deck.  Chainplates and the mast support are also assessed.  Partial surveys are tailored to your specific requirements.  For example the assessment of osmosis in the hull or the integrity of a bow thruster installation.

Racing Yacht Surveys

For further details on the types of yacht surveys and a personal quote please phone or email.

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