Wasted anode on yacht hull.
Our services include a basic underwater corrosion survey, testing the yacht's bonding system and the adequacy of the anodes. The survey will determine if the anodes are the correct size, if the bonding system is in good order and identify stray currents from the yacht's systems.

Bronze yacht skin fitting.
Poor installation and neglect are common faults found when surveying. The above photo is a typical example of this: skin fitting too long, no locking nut, no backing pad, poorly fitting hose and a single clip.

Decaying mast foot of sailing yacht.
Saturated Timber
My bradawl was easily pushed all the way into this mast foot confirming the timber was severely weakened by water saturation and in need of structural repair.

Osmotic blistering of yacht hull.
Where sample patches of antifouling were scraped away osmotic blisters could clearly be seen. The epoxy system on this yacht has failed which was further confirmed by high moisture content readings.

Deformed rigging toggle on sailing yacht.
This badly deformed rigging toggle was an obvious defect with the standing rigging of this 40ft yacht.

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